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We want to collect information on if and how the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) are being used to support the transition to community living for all.  By completing the survey below, you will help us identify promising practices and barriers faced in using the funds for deinstitutionalisation (DI), as well as demonstrate whether and how the ESIF regulations are being implemented.  

The questions in this survey are for those with experience of the use of ESIF to support the transition from institutional care to community based living of children, persons with disabilities and/or older persons.  The survey asks questions on the implementation of the ex ante conditionalities (policy frameworks), the implementation of the Partnership Principle in particular the involvement of civil society in developing Partnership Agreements, Operational Programmes and monitoring as well as the use, or planned use (Calls for Proposals), of EU funds for deinstitutionalisation.  Links to relevant information and documents for reference are provided in the survey for your convenience.  We welcome and encourage that you e-mail us any supporting documents related to the information you provide in the survey.  If you have any questions on the survey please use the contact form at the end of this webpage or e-mail us.

Surveys completed and returned to us by the end of September 2016 have informed our upcoming publication.  Special thanks to those organisations that have completed the survey and provided valuable expertise.

The survey will remain open on a rolling basis for organisations at the national and local  levels to complete.  Results will be used to support advocacy efforts in the Member States for the transition to community based living for all.

The Survey can be completed ONLINE HERE.

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Thank you for completing this survey and providing us with such valuable information. 

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Share your experiences and your knowledge of where the ESIF has supported or is supporting the deinstitutionalisation of children, persons with disabilities and/or older persons.

What approaches to deinstitutionalisation have worked in your country?  What does not work?  Would you like to share your experience of the transition to community living?  

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